A Curious Toile 12.50 x 7.50cmH Bowl奇幻森林-12.50 x 7.50cmH汤碗

Designed by Tracy Hollins

  • Multifunctional
  • Serve both Western and Eastern cuisine
  • In-glazing technique protects the decal permanently
  • Made of hotel-quality vitrified beige porcelain
  • Strong and Non-porous body
  • Chip-resistant with 2 years guarantee

DIMENSIONS: Diameter 12.5cm; Height 7.5cm
MATERIALS: Porcelain

Dishwasher Safe Microwave Safe Freezer Safe Stackable Oven Safe Chip Resistant 2 Years Guarantee  

When nobody is looking, are you curious about what animals do in wildwood? A Curious Toile is not only a dinnerware set, but also a storyteller. The designer draws on historic ceramic printing techniques in a familiar quintessential English scene with a playful and unexpected twist. Each piece within the range tells its own story, the observer wanders across the landscape to discover the story within.

Tracy Hollins studied both BA and MA in Ceramic Design at Staffordshire University, she now continues to build her career on providing a bespoke freelance service to the hospitality, tabletop and gift markets. Her unique surface design style has enjoyed great success and wide exposure from high street retail to the most prestigious cruise liners, top international hotels, 5 star restaurants and exclusive department stores. Tracy brings creativity and sensitivity to pattern design, this approach having recently won an Elle Decoration award for the beautiful archive inspired 'Cuckoo' range launched at Frankfurt 2010.

Designed by Tracy Hollins

  • 多功能设计
  • 盛载中式或西式佳肴均大方得体
  • 釉中彩技术持久地保护餐具上的贴花装饰
  • 由超高质量的酒店级米瓷打造
  • 瓷身坚硬及不透水
  • 2年防碎保证

尺寸:直径 12.5cm;高 7.5cm

洗碗机 微波爐 冰箱冷凍 易于收納  高溫焗煮 Chip Resistant 2 Years Guarantee  


Tracy Hollins在斯塔福德郡大学取得了陶瓷设计学士及硕士学位,目前是自由设计师,专门为餐桌用品及礼品市场提供高级定制服务。其独特的设计风格为她带来优越成就,作品被广泛运用到高级零售业、最负盛名的邮轮、国际顶级酒店、五星级饭店和高级百货公司。Tracy在2010年法兰克福发布了“Cuckoo”系列,凭借创新和感性图案设计,此系列为她赢得了《家居廊Elle Decoration》设计奖。

A Curious Toile 12.50 x 7.50cmH Bowl奇幻森林-12.50 x 7.50cmH汤碗

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