People: A Gift for Kids

For Kids – Give a Smile 

This is the time of year when most parents are searching for that special gift that will light up their child's face on Christmas morning. The perfect gift for your child is your gift of time and sharing a meal together with you.

1. For kids who are adorable and want to be just like us



Er-go! Children Meal Set


Kids eat just like us and should enjoy using ceramics everyday too! Don’t over protect them. They may throw them around and mess with it but porcelain is much stronger than you think. It also features an unglazed rim that enables them to have a secure grip when holding it.


With this brightly coloured tableware, it makes the kids smile a little extra. They will love the happy and kid-friendly design.



2. For kids who simply can’t sit at a dinner table for very long


Puzzle Dinner Tray by Royal VKB (in store only)


This is a genius invention that keeps your kids clean and busy while dinning. The Puzzle Dinner Tray is intended to make children aware of the correct table setting as early as possible, a simple and amusing way for children to learn.


It is available in a tough blue green colour for boys and a beautiful soft pink colour for girls. You'll also love the fact that it is made of unbreakable melamine and stands firmly on nonslip feet.


3. For kids who are so hard on clothes


Ochre Chic Chick Coquito child's apron by La Cocotte Paris (in store only) 

Painting, drawing, crafts, cooking and baking are all great Christmas activities, but hard on clothes.


Dress your little ones with the Chic Chick child’s apron to keep them clean and entertained this Christmas. There's no better way to encourage kids to help preparing treats for holiday visitors than to give them their own, "grownup" tools.