Nordic Tray 38cm Birch Veneer Tray (Green)

Designed by Loveramics

The Loveramics Nordic Trays features our signature patterns. The vibrant colours matches with all our other collections, whether it’s a TV dinner, or Coffee and Tea.

The Nordic Trays are sourced from Sweden, where the industry has deep knowledge of the past. The trays are inspired by the natural surroundings and made by birch wood veneer sourced nearby.

All trays are made by hand, using natural materials near the manufacturing site. The trays are put together by craftmans, forming different size of trays to suit different functions and need.

DIMENSIONS: Diameter 38cm

 Dishwasher Safe  


Nordic Tray 38cm Birch Veneer Tray (Green)

SKU T101-04B

$150.00 HKD
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