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Er-go! 26.5cm Dinner Plate (Cobalt)

SKU: D068-63B
Sale price$99.00 HKD


why baristas and chefs like it?

The Professional's Choice

the Loveramics ceramics cups
Highlight the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in each Loveramics ceramics cup, showcasing the expertise of the brand in creating quality products.

Made with care

Manufacturing in our hands

One thing that separates us from our competitions is we actually make the products ourselves. Manufactured in our own facilities, with combination of high firing, century of craftsmanship, plus a modern eye of designs. These set our designs and quality apart from competitions.

our head of designs

Simon stevens

Simon Stevens started the brand together with us a decade agoas head of designs. Simon designed for numerous British brands before and is a master in ceramics designs himself. He created over 50 collections with us, and the archive continues to grow every year.

physical presence

Flagship Store

Europe Flagship store

Paris Shop, le Marais

community driven

coffee markets and Events

for design lovers

we continue to make timeless products

Our goal is to continue making great products that are timeless in designs, last a lifetime in superb durability, and are affordable to everyone with reasonable price.

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