$429.00 HKD

Er-go! Set of 4 x 20cm Salad Plates (Swish) (Pattern)


$429.00 HKD

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Designed byDinah Body

  • Multifunctional and versatile for everyday use
  • Featuring an unglazed rim for a secure grip when holding it
  • Serve both eastern and western food well
  • Match with the existing Er-go! Cobalt collection

Diameter ??€?0cm ; Length 20cm ; Width 20cm ; Height 2cm
PACKAGING: Length 20.5cm ; Width 6.4cm ; Height 20.5cm

MATERIALS: Porcelain

Dishwasher Safe Microwave SafeFreezer Safe Oven Safe Stackable

The Er-go! Swish is a bold but wonderfully subtle collection. Deep inky tones blend harmoniously into this artisan inspired collection. The set of four plates feature generous brush strokes crafted in bold pigments, rich in texture with a complimentary colour palette adding a touch of painterly flair to your Er-go! table setting.

Dinah Body is a commercially successful designer with an established reputation, working internationally for the ceramics and giftware markets. Dinah established her UK based design studio in 2006 creating beautifully crafted decorative designs for some of the most prestigious companies and designer brands. With her focus on innovative design and commercial success, Dinah has crafted some of the top selling patterns in the market place. Drawing on a wealth of experience, frequently referencing traditional and historical detail, the studio??§Z? designs often combine the influences of the past with a twist of modernity to make desirable enduring products for today and the future.