Weird Coffee Person 300ml Mug by TensHundredsThousands

SKU: C098-X007A

$159 HKD

Only a Weird Coffee Person could argue that a cup of coffee is a relaxing hot bath for your brain. Nothing beats the feeling of comfort and coziness your mind feels from the first sip of coffee, right until the last drop. We know we are not alone on this one, so for the next Weird Coffee Person series, we created this relaxed brain in a cup of coffee, while having a cup of coffee.

Designed by the talented Taylor Naoko, a Vancouver-based graphic designer and freelance illustrator. Most of her inspiration stems from the unusual beauty and undervalued details of everyday life and objects, as well as subtle moments seen day to day.

    • The third release in collaboration with Tens Hundreds Thousands
    • Perfect gift for coffee geek
    • Classic with a contemporary twist, practical and ergonomic handle
    • Sleek straight sided design
    • Commercial grade high fired coloured porcelain at 1300°C
    • Rounded inside profile allows a fuller flavour to develop
    • Heat Trap design
    • For enquiry, please contact:
    • Use & Care: Porcelain & Glass
    • Shipping-information: Delivery & Shipping Term

    Collection: Bond
    Description: Weird Coffee Person 300ml Mug (Assorted)
    Packaging: Gift Box
    Material: Porcelain
    Unit: PCS
    Dimension: 11.5 x 8.5 x 10.0 cm
    Weight: 540.0g
    Country of Original: China
    Declaration Export Code: 6911101900

    Loveramics, in collaboration with Tens, Hundreds & Thousands, are proud to present the third release of the collection of artists & designers glassware in collaboration. 

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