Egg - WPM x Loveramics Latte Art Set (Matte Dark Green)

SKU: C088-X014A

$399 HKD
  • Special edition, matte green colourway of competition cups
  • WPM's signature slanted latte art pitcher with unique angle of pour.
  • Round spout enabling an easy pour, creating clean cut lines.
  • Ergonomic handle makes practice easy.
  • Includes 450ml Latte Art Pitcher with Round Spout (Matte Green), 300ml Café Latte Cup and Saucer (Matte Dark Green)
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  • What are Potters Colours?
  • Use & Care: Porcelain & Glass
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Collection: Egg
Description: WPM x Loveramics Latte Art Set (Matte Dark Green)
Packaging: Gift Box
Material: Porcelain
Unit: SET
Weight: 870g
Country of Original: China

Loveramics collaborates with WPM to create this limited Latte Art Set. Features 1 x Egg 300ml Cup and Saucer in never released before. The cup is gifted with a WPM pitcher of matching colour, the Army Green.

Apart from Home Coffee Machines, WPM makes pitchers loved by latte artists around the world, they are often seen in competitions. Both of us are Hong Kong based companies, and so we decide to crossover on this special set. The colours are food grade and comes in good durability.

The set is limited to 1000 sets worldwide. You could get it from both Loveramics and WPM channels as a perfect xmas gift. Both of us are Hong Kong based company and we decide to join force on this one!

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