Tens Hundreds Thousands Set of 2 Cup Set (Limited Edition)

SKU: Z0003/Z0010

$450 HKD

Loveramics, in collaboration with Tens, Hundreds & Thousands, are proud to present the second release of the collection of artist & designer glassware.

The James Hoffmann cup sets came with 150ml flat white cup & saucer +  80ml espresso cup & saucer.

"The Colours of Coffee" 80ml egg espresso Cup & saucer

Designed by the talented L.A based artist Maggie Chiang, this espresso cup and saucer represents the colourful journey of a coffee bean from flowering up until the brew in your cup. 
The cup features coffee's shift of colour in a beautifully designed pattern, while the saucer serves as a key that guides the colour changes through each stage. 
Printed on a Loveramics Egg 80ml espresso cup and saucer, this set is the first release of a collection of artist & designer glasswares. 

"Espresso Bar" 150ml flat white cup & saucer

Designed by the talented Toronto based artist Christy Lundy, this is a tribute to one of our favourite places on earth. The cup reminds us of the busy espresso bars where people meet and connect around a cup of coffee. While the saucer evokes the beautiful tiled floors of many coffee places around the world. Printed on a Loveramics river blue Egg 150ml flat white cup and saucer, this set is a beautiful collector's item or the perfect cup to have your daily coffee.

** Limited edition of final 100 sets (free international shipping from Hong Kong)

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80ml Cup - Diameter 6.5cm ; Height 5.5cm ; Volume 80ml.
150ml cup - Diameter 11cm ; Height 5cm ; Volume 150ml

11.5cm saucer - Diameter 11.5cm ; Height 2cm. 
14.5cm saucer - Diameter 14.5cm ; Height 2cm
MATERIALS: Porcelain


Dishwasher Safe Microwave Safe

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