Flutter 300ml Set of 4 x Mug (Assorted)

SKU: D076-95A

$199 HKD

  • Inspired by classic Chinese Hua Niao (flower bird) paintings
  • Made of quality porcelain
  • Packed with a nice gift box
    Product No : D076-95A
    Collection : Flutter
    Formulised Description :
    300ml Set of 4 x Mug (Assorted)
    Colour : Assorted
    Packaging : Gift Box
    Material : Porcelain
    Country of Origin : China
    Unit : SET
    Package Length (cm) : 20
    Package Width (cm) : 19
    Package Height (cm) : 10.6
    Capacity : 300ml
    Consumer Unit Barcode :
    Designer : Peter Ting
    Declaration Export Code : 69111000


    Inspired by classic Chinese Hua Niao (flower bird) paintings, the Flutter collection features the surreal introduction of flowers within the silhouette of hummingbirds, having them fly across plates and feeding from flowers. With the understanding and appreciation of the traditional and historic ideas, Peter Ting, has created a design that combines traditional and contemporary styles and speaks of aesthetics of our time and of what is to come.

    Peter Ting is an award winning ceramic designer and consultant with an extensive knowledge of the history of ceramics, computer techniques and both craft skills and industrial production processes. His clients range from department stores to small niche brands, manufacturers with hundred of employees to those who work as a small co-operative unit. One constant throughout is his quest for beauty and quality through design and craftsmanship. Recently, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London acquired 2 pieces from Peter Ting's Buddha Hands series, and the Museum of Art and Design in New York acquired 2 pieces from his Constellation Series, "Shuffle" and "Perch".

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