We Love Mugs 2 380ml Mug (Ensemble) (Pattern)

Designed by Calvin Ho

  • Inspired by a deep love for music
  • Made of quality Bone China
  • Light, thin and translucent body
  • Packed with a nice gift box
  • This collection carries “Duet”, “Interlude”, “Harmony” and “Ensemble”

DIMENSIONS: Diameter 8.5cm; Height 10cm; Width 11cm; Volume 380ml(12oz)
GIFT BOX SIZE: Length 10.5cm; Width 10.5cm; Height 10.5cm

Dishwasher Safe Microwave Safe Freezer Safe     

Driving from a deep love for music, electronic dance music to be exact, Calvin brings “Duet”, “Interlude”, “Harmony” and “Ensemble” to the mugs. From Djing, opening a record store to designing CD album covers, music inspires Calvin to dream. It is a syncing of souls, whether we are physically together or simply just enjoying private time to reflect. Relaxing, connecting and being happy, music pulls people together and no boundaries exist.

DUET - Music brings people together like love. How many times have you seen partners sharing a song with one set of ear phones? I am trying to express this connection like opposites attract, like day and night.

INTERLUDE - I try to have some time for myself each day to take a break from the hustle and bustle to collect my thoughts and have gratitude for what I have in my life right now. I often compliment this time with music. By taking a break and stopping what I am doing, quite an opposite effect happens whereby my creativity level is at its highest. It also helps to have a drink and a snack at this time of “Interlude”.

HARMONY - I treasure those moments when my friend finds some new music and shares it with me and vice versa. I feel this type of conversation is important, and helps friendships grow. The art also reminds me that we have to play one part of and never together. Listening what the other has to say is just as important as my own point of view.

ENSEMBLE - Besides being a designer and artist, I am also a DJ. This artwork represents my love for entertaining and makes the crowd enjoy the moment that they are there. They are part of the performance, as without them, I don’t exist. Reminding ourselves that we should be collaborating rather than always being on our own is essential to our happiness. Life is an ensemble.

Calvin Ho, an Australian art director, illustrator and artist based in Hong Kong. Over 20 years of experience with commissions by top international companies. Specialized in all forms of creative direction, graphic design and interactive web design. Winning numerous design awards, Calvin has been voted as one of the top 8 illustrators of Asia by PSDTuts website. Recently Calvin won the Japan prestigious Shift 2010 Calendar competition, chosen as one of the 12 winning entries from over 1800 works in 38 countries. In addition, he is a professional DJ.

We Love Mugs 2 380ml Mug (Ensemble) (Pattern)

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