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Events: World Latte Art Championship - China Finals

31 March, 2017, Fan Liang won the most difficult to win Latte Art Regionals in the world (its hard when you have to first pass regionals from 4 areas which have 64 competitors each), who will be representing China in Budapest. Loveramics was next to the stage while he compete, and we could truly feel the excitement and vibe from the competition.

In 2016, Fan lost in the final round in China finals. He promised himself he will come back and win it all this year, and he did it. Behind his glory was endless training sessions, and he finally beat everybody else and won it.


His work: Sunrise, Lucky Star, Koi Fish.


Fan Liang started as a coffee lover 7 years ago. He started working in a coffee shop as a barista, then becoming a trainer and eventually started his own coffee consultancy. All this journey prepared him for the big stage, and you can see his attention to detail wins it.



There were lots of good artists in the competition with tremendous skills, but there is only 1 winner. The performance of the 6 finalists were all outstanding, probably one day they will come back and win it like Fan.



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