About Us

A love for ceramics.

Loveramics is an internationally recognised ceramics brand, synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. At Loveramics, we’re breaking the proverbial mould on pottery. Shattering stereotypes on classical and formal approaches, through stylish contemporary designs where our passion is evident in every piece.

We’re pushing boundaries – shifting tableware away from its humble product roots and into a place where creativity and precise calculations consummate in perfect harmony. And we’re doing it in a way you wouldn’t expect: by taking it all back to basics.

Simplicity is key, a distinctly Loveramics approach blending classic and contemporary. Refined, centuries-old methodologies are infused with a 21st century mentality, where digital modelling and advanced machinery bring each individual component as close to perfection as possible.

And through skilled artisans working with top-notch supplies, the ensuing results are clean, clear-cut pieces, where function forever comes first. Dinnerware where the meal takes centre-stage. Cookery tools that complement the culinary process. Coffee and tea cups where minimalism magnifies flavours. Wine and water glasses that curve in all the right places.

All of it practical, all of it affordable, alongside impassioned personal touches that guide our traditional emporium approach. We want you hands-on, experiencing our products in-store and in-person. Our well-versed staff are here to serve, and through their inherent love for the world’s oldest material, we hope to inspire fresh interest in pottery and ceramics.

It all makes up the Loveramics brand, a global focus with a local approach. A community-driven mindset that sees us crafting humble, quality products that we would want to use. And really, it’s just a happy accident that they’re the preferred choice of chefs, baristas and sommeliers everywhere.