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Article: the ultimate tableware guide

the ultimate tableware guide

Loveramics has four tableware collections, have you ever wondered why we need anyone of them? Today we will go through the design procedures and explain their difference and functionalities of them.




FIRING TEMPERATURE: Our tableware is always vitrified with high firing temperature. We think having restaurant-quality dishes at home is a benefit. There is the old saying In which classic designs would last long and reduce environmental impact.

ceramics firing temperature, vitrification and porcelain stoneware

MANY SIZES: We make them in multiple colours to suit different interiors. They always come in 6 sizes of plates, and 7 sizes of bowls, just to be versatile in every way possible.

SAFETY: They are all toxic proof because they were fired high. They are all industrial dishwasher, microwave and oven safe because of thermal stability.


DESIGNS: Within the same collection, the plates and bowls are aligned with the similar design philosophies. However, the collections all have different design features that varied from each other. 

They all give different using experience with variation in proportion and features.

They hold different size of dish / volume. For portion control and food presentation its a big thing.

loveramics tableware collection shapes, designs, functions

loveramics tableware collection shapes, designs, functions


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It's designed to be a functional, everyday tableware collection. It's our proud collection as it's great for restaurants and home diners. 

The design features narrow-rimmed, large, flat eating area plates and various sizes of bowls. The narrow rim makes it casual, but is good to grip. 

In 2022, we gave it a neutral matte sand glaze, which hugely improves its durability against metal marks, and the texture is exactly like natural stone.

ergo loveramics

loveramics ergo


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It features a rimless, simple, coupe profile. The clean line is great for glaze demonstrations, so we have put numerous runny, reactive glaze on top to get the most theatrical look.

Because it's rimless, the eating area is the largest and would serve a bigger portion of food. So even if two plates are the same size, this would give a much higher efficiency in volume and size. 

Its simple, modern profile which is great for plating. Editorial favourite are the soup plates, which have great proportion and size to give food a great backdrop.  

Reactive glaze is famous for being unpredictable, and visually it varies with different thicknesses, and Studio is a great shape to work with this type of glaze.


loveramics studio matte dark green

loveramics studio



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Stone Collection features slightly extended, conical rim, it offers a great presentation of food. There is a timeless look to it.

Because of the low profile and slightly flared opening, food looks vibrant and good in pictures when you shoot with these bowls. Bowls feature a flatter eating surface, compared to all of our other collections. 

Top view features simple concentric circles, they are great to grip, making it easy to serve and collect in a busy f&b environment. The plates come in multiple sizes and interact with each other beautifully.

The Stone Collection offers bowls as conicals put together with the perfect proportion in height. It is slightly footed so you would get a good grip when you hold it.



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Picture yourself in a smaller restaurant offering quality but casual dishes to be shared among small groups. The fine chefs will still be there pushing boundaries and providing one of a kind night-out, but we see more natural wine bars, coffee shops with great cocktails and mixologist's bar with great food. The common thing is they are all becoming more versatile, pushing small, quick, casual bites with quality.

In Tapas, the wares consume less footprint on the table, so you can fit in a few more small dishes. Bowls are cleanly designed with straight sides, but at the same time hold more sauce or soups.

The oval bowls blend a small baker and low bowl, and yes, you can bake / heat on it directly and they put melty cheese in front. 

All these were to minimise workflow while maintaining a decent presentation of food. Multiple dishes share the same vessels so that you save space in your kitchen. Tapas are super stackable as well.

The plates of Tapas allow your finger to get in underneath, allows an easy grip! However they are able to maintain as super flat plates for great food presentation.


loveramics tapas pottery ceramics

tapas loveramics


Together we launch a universal wine glass that is great for all sorts of wine, big enough for red, flute enough for bubbles. And yes, it's short stem so it fits with all these tapas dishes, you don’t have to worry about knocking them over.


Having a hard time choosing? I hope this tableware guide will help you.

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