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The central theme for the Chateau collection is the purity of mathematical geometry. The circle has been employed in each element of the collection and then resolving how this element can be integrated into a clean geometric form while at the same time not compromising practicality and balance.

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Chateau - 12pc Cutlery Set - WesternChateau - 12pc Cutlery Set - Western
Chateau - 12pc Cutlery Set - Western Sale priceFrom $868.00 HKD
Chateau - 12pc Cutlery Set - DessertChateau - 12pc Cutlery Set - Dessert
Chateau - 12pc Cutlery Set - Dessert Sale priceFrom $548.00 HKD
Chateau 23cm Knife (3 colour options)Chateau 23cm Knife (3 colour options)
Chateau 23cm Knife (3 colour options) Sale priceFrom $79.00 HKD
Chateau 21cm Fork (3 colour options)Chateau 21cm Fork (3 colour options)
Chateau 21cm Fork (3 colour options) Sale priceFrom $69.00 HKD
Chateau 18cm Spoon (3 colour options)Chateau 18cm Spoon (3 colour options)
Chateau 18cm Spoon (3 colour options) Sale priceFrom $69.00 HKD
Chateau 14cm Small Fork (3 colour options)Chateau 14cm Small Fork (3 colour options)
Chateau 13cm Small Spoon (3 colour options)Chateau 13cm Small Spoon (3 colour options)
Chateau 10cm Coffee Spoon (3 colour options)Chateau 10cm Coffee Spoon (3 colour options)