July 21, 2017

Travel: Why50

Who names their coffee shop with a question mark? Why50 does. They have good coffee and pretty interesting lunch bites to offer. Served perfectly with a heavenly white Slayer

July 11, 2017

Travel: Sensory Zero

Sensory Zero, from Zero to Hero. A very humble statement given that one of the founders was the first Q-Grade in Hong Kong, and the other was a multi-talented MMA artist.

June 22, 2017

Event: World Latte Art Champion of 2017

With 3 rounds of competitions, the Champion of Thailand, Ristr8to won it all. He has been competing for years, and he really deserves the title at the end. Check out the storyline, and complicated patterns of his.

June 15, 2017

Event: WLAC2017 Finalists

quick list of the finalists in WLAC2017. Who will win?

June 09, 2017

Event: WLAC2017

WLAC 2017 at Budapest, Hungary. Good people, good vibe as always. Great coffee and latte poured. We continue to create new ideas for the specialty coffee industry, and launching new colours, shapes and food and drinks...

June 06, 2017

Travel: Roaster Alchemy

Visited Roaster Alchemy and get to try the best Columbia Coffee I've ever had. Peter law is the founder of Alchemy, and a veteran in roasting and competition judging.

May 20, 2017

Event: Comfort Living

Hosted an Private Sale Event in the HQ with Tani, Five Senses and Naigai. Perfect timing to get beach gown, fragrance and cool drinking devices before Summer hits. Of course there's flowing of bubbles.

May 09, 2017

Event: Hofex 2017

Check out the photos from our stand in Hofex 5G-323! Like usual its an energetic and lively event!

May 01, 2017

Travel: NOC Coffee & Roaster

Everybody in the coffee scene describes NOC with its beautiful latte art, and the handsome and cool baristas. After visiting them in person, they offer much more than that. The food, designs, experience and coffee wer...