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Article: Lamastas Family Estate x Loveramics

Lamastas Family Estate x Loveramics

Wilford, the owner of Lamstus Family Estate,makes an appearance in Loveramics Hong Kong, leading the cupping session.

The Lamastus family from Panama (owning estates like Elida, Luito, and La Huella) has broken auction records for years, and is famous for its quality coffee. 

Wilford shared the history of the estates, lots of little known stories in Panama, and also spent lots of time on bio diversity and the heritage to their land. He then led participants in cupping sessions of the bidding lots from their estates for the 2023 season. 

The Lamastus family estates have selected 24 lots under the theme "Diversity Heritage" to showcase how the family defines heritage through history, nature, and culture. Plus, a precious, only 9 pounds available worldwide, rare crop from the farm. 

Roasters in the city all participated in this event and had the opportunity to meet Wilford in person, and will be active bidders in the auction happening next week online.

2023 GRAND CRU Flavor Journey - Hong Kong Station

Date: 13th August
Time: 18:00-20:00
Address: Loveramics Tai Kwun Store. Shop 104, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, Central, Hong Kong

We did the cupping in our colour changing cupping bowls. They change colours when they drop temperature to 65c, which signals the time and temperature in which they are appropriate to start. 

They are particularly helpful in large cupping sessions like this. 


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