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Article: Nomad Market Tasting Cups

Nomad Market Tasting Cups

At Loveramics, we believe that every cup of coffee is an opportunity to connect with others and create meaningful moments. That’s why we carefully consider all kinds of coffee occasions when designing our cups. Whether it’s at a bustling coffee market or a cozy catch-up with old friends, our cups are there to elevate your tasting experience and bring people together.

But as much as we love coffee, we also care deeply about the environment. That’s why we are proud to introduce our new line of environmental-chic, portable coffee cups. Made from durable ceramic and featuring a modern design with an attachable string, these cups are the perfect alternative to single-use cups. So not only will you be enjoying your coffee in style, but you’ll also be making a meaningful impact on our planet.

Designed specifically for market go-ers and coffee enthusiasts, our cups are lightweight and perfectly sized to carry around. With their double-sided shapes, they capture the intricate aromas and flavors of specialty coffees, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant market atmosphere. Plus, with five different colors to choose from and a designated string, our cups are sure to become your new favorite coffee accessory.

We feel the urge of this item whenever we go to a coffee market. Millions of cups were throw away with giveaway tasting. We think it's time to change the habit but apart from convenience, we also need to provide an even better drinking experience. Collab with Gary Au from UCR, this double sided cups serve the purposes of 

1. drinking a nice body espresso

2. with a light, floral drip coffee

These are the most common drinks in a coffee market and by using this, it will save 10 cups per person. With 5000 thousand attendants, I think the savings will be significant.

Governments start to ban single use takeaway cups in any forms. This is one of the solution. It's never the most convenient one, but hey, you are helping the world. Its down to if you want to do it seriously. 

Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable lifestyle, one cup at a time.

These can be found in the Paris Cafe Festival tomorrow at the Loveramics Stand. Also the customised version can be purchased at the door.

Our Paris team will be there as well to talk about your cafe business. Please drop by and enjoy a cup together!!!!


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