Boram x Loveramics

During our meeting with Boram to discuss collaborative ideas, we were impressed by his direct approach. He wasted no time in sharing his thoughts on the importance of sweetness in coffee and how incorporating bright, happy colors in a wider opening would enhance this element. We were also delighted to hear about his love for our Embossed Tasting Cups range and his desire to have his own version. Together, we co-designed a range that combines the best of both our ideas.

In previous competitions, Boram competed in our purple embossed tasting cups. We were more their thrilled to be picked so the collaboration becomes natural.

The result is a set of cups available in 80ml, 120ml, and 200ml sizes that will elevate Boram's competition set to champion status. We are proud to have worked with Boram to create a range that not only reflects his vision but also showcases our expertise in crafting high-quality, functional ceramics. We are confident that these cups will not only enhance the coffee drinking experience but also add a touch of elegance to any setting.

Boram designs the cups to have a wider base. The shape help control espresso acidity, creating more balance and harmony with while focusing on the sweetness of coffee.

At Loveramics, we value collaboration and are always excited to work with passionate individuals like Boram. Our partnership with him has not only resulted in a beautiful and practical product but also strengthened our relationship with the coffee community. We look forward to seeing these cups in action and continuing to work with Boram and other coffee enthusiasts to bring innovative and stylish products to the market.


Boram Competes in our Original Embossed Tasting Cups. Source: WBC Youtube 


Boram wants to develop something wider, flatter, This helps to control acidity and make the espresso more balanced.


loveramics 120ml competition cups embossed tasting boram um

Comparison of our original embossed tasting cups and 3 new sizes. The sizes are great to use with 80, 120 and 200ml. The 120ml is particularly designed for competitions in milk beverages, very good to drink from.


We have tested the products during numerous encounters and finally its great to see them ready to ship.


The shapes are redesigned so that they interlock with all other sizes, save lots of storage space in real cafe situations.

It comes in 4 bright colours, all resonates the sweetness of Fazenda Um, specialty coffee from Brazil. 

We will have limited batch to launch this together in Hotelex.

You can also taste his coffee on the Eversys stand.