Beasts Love Earth Event

David Leung is a contemporary artist who perceives his food art with a pareidolia mind, transforming them into lively, beautifully symmetrical images. He started his art journey in digital art and moved to prints and this is the first time to present a new format which is of utmost relevance to his creative process - A ceramic plate.

The 4 designs are part of David's digital art collections. The inspiration comes from plates and he puts them right back in it. You can see his art work in for example, Chairman, one of Asia's 50 best restaurant in Hong Kong.

With the common passion in food, we collaborate on the artist print in ceramics, the oldest, greenest consumer material on earth. In this set of 4, art plates, the selected artwork is printed in food safe material on Loveramics’ classic, high quality porcelain plates.

With every set we will together donate and plant one tree through We will update you one the status after the event.

You can support and purchase a set here.





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