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Event: No Plastic Here!

Located with 5 locations in our home town, Honbo is a homegrown classic cheeseburger joint that celebrates simple and straightforward American-style burgers through honest cooking and careful sourcing of quality ingredients. 


I am not allowed to disclose their secret here but I do can tell you their recipe, the combination of brisket and chuck makes the burger so flavourful and juicy.


Past few years we had numerous encounter with takeaway boxes, and realise how much waste we are creating through this forced, new normal. As a porcelain brand and an urban nomad, we are well aware of the throwaway culture, that has spread packaging waste worldwide. 


Honbo is a casual burger joint that you can sit down, enjoy a really good burger. Food tastes great with a hygienic, warm porcelain bowl, than a cold paper tray. Even with higher operational costs, Honbo decide to do the right thing by doing our part to reduce waste.


They probably sell what, 1000 burgers a day? Imagine the number of paper plates and bowls we saved throughout the year! We hope to do our part in this continuous fight against waste, by reducing landfill, carbon footprint in transportation. Porcelain is the oldest consumer material in the world, with modern clean energy we are allowed to manufacture them the cleanest they had ever been.


Here is the Honbo x Loveramics set. Comes with 

1 x burger box

1 x fries bowl

1 x ketchup bowl (I put mayo there usually)

in a 100% recyclable, combustable gift box. We ship worldwide.


Available in Honbo outlets, Loveramics Hong Kong x2 shops, and online.

Btw, we also had an event together at its first original Honbo. All guests took whisky shots with the ketchup bowl at the end of the night!


honbo burger

honbo burger x loveramics

honbo x loveramics

honbo x loveramics event

honbo x loveramics event

honbo x loveramics event



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