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Article: 2022 Product Preview - The New Bauhaus

2022 Product Preview - The New Bauhaus

Studio Tableware

Matte Dark Green



The Studio collection expresses our love and admiration for beautiful ceramic qualities and brings that love to a modern, everyday tableware range. No matter what dish you are creating, be it simple or complex, the Studio collection is the perfect canvas to express yourself and the aesthetic beauty of the food you love.

Studio Matte Dark Green

Studio Matte Dark Green

Stone Tableware

Bauhaus green



The shapes and sizes of the collection have been designed with clean and simple geometric lines to give you a timeless look. Made from vitrified porcelain the Stone tableware collection is extremely strong and durable, it is also dishwasher and microwave safe which makes the Stone Collection not only beautiful to look at but practical to enjoy every day.

Tapas Tableware

reborn of tradition



Beautiful range of plates and bowls that work perfectly for all your tableware needs. As the name suggests the collection has also been designed to be used for sharing dishes where multiple dishes can be combined to present your favourite food.


Simplicity is key. The design philosophy for Loveramics products has always been the balance between the object's beauty and its functionality, never wanting one to dominate the other.  


When we are under the R&D process for the post-pandemic world, which reminds us of the Bauhaus era. The Bauhaus seriously believed that the use of archetypal and stereometrics forms and naked materials were also the basic conditions for a more functional design and mass production. 

Inspired by the thinking, we execute with simple geometric forms and placed great emphasis on clarity, objectivity and abstraction.

We absorbed the idea and turned it into the new coffee and dining collections of different materials. We hope to brighten up your everyday life with the quality products that we would want to use. We are bringing more new stuff in FW22 - Stay tuned!

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Product: new size to the Brewers Collection

Product: new size to the Brewers Collection

brewers cup designs philosophy, loveramics brewers cups used by aga rojewska in wbc2018. Now we got more size and a new look.

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Event: No Plastic Here!

Event: No Plastic Here!

We hope to do our part in this continuous fight against waste, by reducing landfill, carbon footprint in transportation. Porcelain is the oldest consumer material in the world, with modern clean en...

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