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Pop up in LA! Bako Tea House

Bako Tea House is a haven for tea lovers in Irvine, Los Angeles. With a mission to connect the world to delicious tea beverages, this tea house is dedicated to providing an elevated experience to tea enthusiasts. They take great care to ensure that the craft of tea is honored in everything they do.

At Bako Tea House, you will find an extensive selection of teas from all around the world, each carefully curated to meet the highest standards of quality and taste. From classic black teas to exotic blends, there is something for everyone here.

Bubble tea drinks are a popular beverage that originated in Taiwan and have gained widespread popularity around the world. These drinks typically consist of a tea base mixed with milk, and are served with chewy tapioca pearls or other toppings like fruit jelly or boba. 

At Bako Tea House, they serve contemporary style bubble tea drinks that offer a unique twist on this classic beverage. With a focus on quality ingredients and innovative flavor combinations, their bubble tea drinks uses quality fresh milk and honest ingredients. 

But what truly sets Bako Tea House apart is their commitment to building a better tomorrow by investing in what matters. They source their tea leaves from sustainable and ethical suppliers, ensuring that their business practices have a positive impact on the environment and the communities they serve.

Loveramics is lucky to be part of the journey and you could find our product sin this contemporary tea house.

Address: 31 E Macarthur Cres, Santa Ana, CA 92707, USA


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