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Er-go! Cobalt

Er-go! Cobalt

Practical and Multifunctional for International Cuisines
East meets west with the Er-go! dinnerware set, giving free rein for you to cater either eastern or western cuisine. Each item within the range multi-functionally interacts with others. The glazed and unglazed finishing not only projects the beauty of colour contrast, but also ergonomically offers a secure grip. Space-saving with all small bowls could be stored in large bowl providing ideal solutions for small Asian kitchens. 

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Sold outEr-go! 26.5cm Dinner Plate (Cobalt)Er-go! 26.5cm Dinner Plate (Cobalt)
Er-go! 23cm Salad Plate (Cobalt)Er-go! 23cm Salad Plate (Cobalt)
Er-go! 20cm Salad Plate (Cobalt)Er-go! 20cm Salad Plate (Cobalt)
Er-go! 18cm Side Plate (Cobalt)Er-go! 18cm Side Plate (Cobalt)
Er-go! 18cm Side Plate (Cobalt) Sale price$69.00 HKD
Sold outEr-go! 15cm Side Plate (Cobalt)Er-go! 15cm Side Plate (Cobalt)
Er-go! 15cm Side Plate (Cobalt) Sale price$69.00 HKD
Er-go! 10cm Sauce Dish (Cobalt)Er-go! 10cm Sauce Dish (Cobalt)
Er-go! 10cm Sauce Dish (Cobalt) Sale price$39.00 HKD
Er-go! 14cm Cereal Bowl (Cobalt)Er-go! 14cm Cereal Bowl (Cobalt)
Sold outEr-go! 11.5cm Rice Bowl (Cobalt)Er-go! 11.5cm Rice Bowl (Cobalt)
Er-go! 200ml Oriental Tea Cup (Cobalt)Er-go! 200ml Oriental Tea Cup (Cobalt)
Sold outEr-go! 22cm Soup Plate (Cobalt)Er-go! 22cm Soup Plate (Cobalt)
Er-go! 22cm Soup Plate (Cobalt) Sale price$109.00 HKD
Er-go! 20cm Soup Plate (Cobalt)Er-go! 20cm Soup Plate (Cobalt)
Er-go! 20cm Soup Plate (Cobalt) Sale price$99.00 HKD
Sold outEr-go! 14cm Low Bowl (L) (Cobalt)Er-go! 14cm Low Bowl (L) (Cobalt)
Er-go! 11.5cm Low Bowl (L) (Cobalt)Er-go! 11.5cm Low Bowl (L) (Cobalt)
Er-go! Mug 375ml (Cobalt)Er-go! Mug 375ml (Cobalt)
Er-go! Mug 375ml (Cobalt) Sale price$69.00 HKD
14cm Spoon (White)
14cm Spoon (White) Sale price$29.00 HKD
Er-go! 4.5cm Chopsticks Rest (White)