Product: We Love Mugs 3 by More Hugs by Ken Lo


Ken Lo is the founder and design director of an award-winning and renowned design studio, BLOW. Borne out of a deep-rooted desire to better the world through design, More Hugs by Ken Lo is Ken’s latest initiative to spring from his mind. Drawing from a wide-ranging plethora of elements from contemporary pop culture, More Hugs combines Ken’s signature bold and flat style with distinctive iconography to create a graphic design series that speaks to the heart. With its universally relatable message of “more hugs, less hate”, More Hugs by Ken Lo aims to instil change through its refreshing earnestness, as well as being a meditative reflection of Ken’s personal history and unique view on the world.

When we first met Ken Lo we try to understand the concepts behind his creation. The image of his always involve around 2 contradictive bodies in hugging arms. The story is to symbolise coming together, where the world of today, we can all be different but still love each other.

In the modern world we definitely need more love, and we believe this positive message matches perfectly with our view. Then the rest is history, we selected 4 images on We Love Mugs 3 and created this collection together. Let's pass along the positivity.


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