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Products: Artist Versions Infusers of Pro Tea

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The inspiration comes from Jaume Plensa sculpture. You see his work and you think of larger than life size sculptures, the calmness and interesting interaction it brings as a modern contemporary piece.

We also see the use of fine stainless steel wired mesh, that forms meaningful scriptures or contrasting messages across the sculpture. 

We put the messages our infusers. An etching technique on high quality stainless steel of the 21st century, our job was to make sure they are as subtle as possible, so that even the finest tea leaves will be well trapped within the infusers.

In Loveramics we always have a reference from the past, that we put the modern wisdom into it.

When you look close enough, you will see the words written through steel. The infusers work with all our existing Pro Tea line, and will be used across all our teapots in the future. They will also act as replacements for your current Pro Tea lines.



The additional piece is the tea strainer. When you brew loose leaf teas in other pots which doesn't come with an infuser, put this on top of your mugs/cups, and the strainer will strain the leafs away from your drinks.

The infuser with handle can be used on all our mugs, and will fit with most of your favourite mugs, just like this....


We welcome custom made tea brands, corporate gifts, messages for your banquet guests.

Otherwise, go get them here for your own use. 




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