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Travel: Paras Cafe

PARAS was established in 2013 in Shanghai, with a mission to show the Shanghaiese “Good Things in Life”. Their cafe introduce fine coffees and their selected life-style products.
They encourage original brewing methods, and respect the distinguish flavours in coffee. They serve different types of beans which create different coffee experience. Paras serves their drinks in White Egg cups by Loveramics, and uses Ergo System to serve their famous Brunch.
Not to mention, their food menu was pretty awesome. They were the first few in Shanghai to introduce the cafe style brunch, which makes them a popular weekend spot. Over the weekend, you can find lines of hipsters outside Paras early in the morning, both for the uber-thoughful interior, and the authentic menu with a local twist.
In 2017 ,PARAS reinvents itself and gives its French concession shop a facelift in neon green. With its energetic graffiti and young way of expression, they give a totally renewed experience from the original concept.

Not far from Main store they also open PARAS newsstand, providing good coffee and newspaper on daily basis. In the digital era, anything newsstand is an amazing thing to have.

Address: 55, Shangxi Road South, Shanghai, China.
Tel: 021-6433-9796


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