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Article: Products: Nordic Trays from Sweden

Products: Nordic Trays from Sweden

Summer has officially arrived. We decide to offer you something new and vibrant.

Newly additions to the Loveramics are the colourful Nordic Trays. These classic birch wood trays are sourced from Sweden, which they has long history of manufacturing these classic trays. 

The raw materials are sourced locally, and are completely natural wood veneer. We believe everything should be functional, classic and beautiful, so we decided to apply our classic patterns on the trays.

The wooden Nordic Trays comes in 4 sizes for different needs. An office coffee, a TV meal, a V60/Chemex presentation or when you need a hand on the way to the dining area. Our trays adds energy to the way you eat.

You may get them here, or at all our shops.

45cm Round Purple Tray HK$500 (~US$60,)

38cm Round Green Tray HK$359 (~US$45)

43cm Rectangular Blue Tray HK$359 (~US$45)

33cm Rectangular Pink Tray HK$229 (~US$28)





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