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Article: People: A Gift for Him

People: A Gift for Him


For Him – Lift Him Up

‘It’s the thought that counts’ – sure, the thought counts, but this is actually said when a present is a bit crap. A little advice for this Christmas: skip the card and buy the man in your life something he'll actually want, and will love long after the festive season.


1. For the alcohol snob who always deny



    Naturally Cooling Ceramics by Magisso


    With these ceramics, he is sure to serve his favourite beer/ sake cool, right at the table. It’s so simple. Just soak the ceramics in water for a few minutes before filling it with drink; the cooled ceramics will keep contents fresh throughout the meal.

    You can also create your very own design or write a message on the side of the ceramics with chalk for him. Cool and clever.



    2. For the coffee-addicted workaholic


    Professional Coffee Cups by LOVERAMICS


    Coffee has become recognized as a human necessity. It is what the workaholic needed to stay awake. Yet, their coffee is, most likely, crap. The good news is, this is a fairly easy situation to remedy – upgrade what he is drinking the coffee from.


    Designed and crafted to the smallest details, the Professional Coffee Cups range will completes the full experience. The cups have been selected as the official cups of the World Latte Art Championship 2016, what else do I need to say?


    3. For the French press user who is not happy with the particulate in the cup


    Espro Press by Espro (only in store)


    The Espro Press is about to change his morning cup for the better. The Espro Press micro-filters your coffee twice, revealing flavor without grit. It is also perfect for tea and more as it filters and strains almost any water or alcohol-based beverage, hot or cold.

    The vacuum-insulated stainless vessel holds heat for hours so that he can brew now, and serve later! It is with no glass to break and light enough to carry - it might be the last press he need.


    4. For the home barista who wants to get rid of the big bulky coffee machine

    Coffeemaker by Chemex (only in store)


    His favorite thing to wake up to is the feeling he gets when making coffee. Upgrade his morning coffee with this low-fi brew method.


    It is an elegant, one-piece, hourglass shaped vessel made of high quality, heat resistant glass, and it comes with a polished wood collar that serves as an insulated handle. He will love its simplicity and space-saving design.


    Be sure to grab him the coffee filters and beans for the perfect coffee.


    5. For the Hongkongers with British background, or the other way round



    I LOVE HK Tea Towel by ZEST of Asia (only in store)


    I love Hong Kong. 我愛香港. J'adore Hong Kong. However you choose to say it, this tea towel is sure to get the message across. 


    Not sure if it’s his British background, but he has a slight obsession with tea towels. He has a reasonably sized collection at home and continues to add to it.


     This tea towel is beautiful home decoration capturing the exquisite Asian design influences which perfectly add stunning eastern essence to any interior style. The towel is pretty enough to frame and hang in the living room.


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