November 20, 2017 by eshop Loveramics

The first ever Hong Kong festival was help by Swire in Tong Chong Street Market.

Loveramics has made a special edition cup for the guests to purchase. We constantly believe in green material and we encourage them to keep your own cups after tasting the samplers. To help minimise waste its our responsibility

For 4 straight Sundays in November, coffee roasters and brewers in Asia took part in this event and serve us great coffee. The event was organised by our friends from Twins Kitchen, and here are the participants:

Urban Coffee Roaster - coffee craft beer

Sausalito Coffee - very technical coffee cocktail that takes 5 minutes to make

Glory Coffee - great espresso, and the Sanremo Machines they distribute

Kasa - for their jams, peanut butter and coffee based cocktails

Black Sugar Coffee - source for guest beans from around the world

Michael Wong - Home Brewer

Electane - Thanks Tiff for that green tea croissant, crazy!

Coffee Engineering - Syphon coffee by Reeves

Common Ground - hipster coffee shop in the old neighbourhood of HK

Roastery Lab - The only Habitu brand that doesn't use Loveramics

Bread Espresso HK - a cute bakery and cafe in TST.

and a lot of food and local farmers we don't have a chance to talk to them all.

Now its a wrap for the great event. And we expect an even better one next year.



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