Time Travel: Office Renovation

We spent the entire Summer renovating the office. 

We had this old place for a long time and it was in the heart of the city. There were alternative business options with rent skyrocketing. We could rent it out and move elsewhere, we could keep using this place for another decade, or we could completely knock it down and rebuild it.

All options come with huge difference in costs. But we believe its not just the brand, its more of the people who are with us that might need to commute if we move.

Analysing the costs was one thing, but its hard to let go this place. So we decide to write down a 5-year-plan, and give this place another push.

The whole process was very interesting (in a positive way)! Everybody has to dig their boxes, drawers cabinet that has dirt covering decades of work. There were lots of hand-written notes, old sales contracts, decade-old catalogues, corporate photos in hard copies, and hardware post-80s-90s have never seen before.

2 months in, the progress was significant, and we finally finished the showroom floor as of today.

Its hard to change for many people. But its a change thats necessary. Its good exercise for everybody to dig out old stuffs, look at them and find them completely useless in 2016.

We take photos differently, write contract different, send fax, opps we don't fax anymore.... Its a new world. With digital payment, online sales being the most sophisticated ever, its time to update ourselves, march forward to the 2020's.

Lifestyle changes, coffee feels like it has taken over rice in consumption, gluten-free, sous-vide, delivery of food, the food serving culture has changed.

Loveramics is ready for new challenges, and we will make sure its an interesting journey for you and for us.



Cleaning the office gave us 300 boxes of kitchen/tableware that don't belong to 2016. We donated it to charity, or give them away to friends and they are in good hands. Among them include designer collections from the 90s, absolutely stunning to drive us back to the memory lane. How product trend changed, and the way we eat and entertain evolved.

 This will be our new shared workspace after a month.


Watch we knockdown a 90s style pub and turn it into a 2020 coffee shop.



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