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Events: Hong Kong Office grand opening

Our Headquarters in Hong Kong went through renovation the past months. We now have a rebuilt modern office with open space going in 2018.

We held a grand opening party to celebrate the long but fruitful process. Thanks for every who came and supported us throughout the years. The modern office show signs of approach to what we are doing: a modern approach to our business, and a design-led creative process on products.

As a leader in the cafe/restaurant industry, of course our office has a professional coffee bar setting. When a barista visits, they can taste their own beans with whatever cups we have, to make sure the experience is exactly what they want. Our kitchen also creates great tapas food to pair with the right drinks with the perfect table setting.

Please do come to visit us when you are in town, order the coffee cups and tableware for your next cafe. See our latest concepts, exchange ideas for the better future.


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