October 27, 2017 by eshop Loveramics

We follow the opening of our USA branch with a visit to New York Coffee Festival

Located in the W18th Street, the venue is surrounded by a cool neighbourhood itself. There are lots of specialty coffee shops around that area, and they are often packed. Coffee shops booming just like any other cities with their own style. Its New York so lots of them have (stereotypical) bagels and muffins alongside the coffee menu.

Not far is the Chelsea Market and the beautiful Whitney Museum of American Art. With such a busy schedule I was only able to meander the neighbourhood every day before and after the coffee festival.

The event was an effecient 2 and a half day program. First day was trade so it was dedicated to industry peeps. Blessed to get to know everybody from the coffee scene in Tri-State area. Surprisingly there were lots of roasters with huge loft style roasting facilities.

2nd and 3rd day were all public, and it was really packed. At some point the trash bin was so full that paper cups were falling off it onto the floor! (always suggest the use of reusable products). Yeah we think you should not serve organic coffee or a efficient brewing system that saves energy with paper cups.

Always think green in Loveramics

With our container on the way to California, we will be able to ship locally in North Amercica. If you want a price list, please email to USA@loveramics.com with your EIN and Company Name.

See you all in Seoul next week!





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