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Events: Seoul Cafe Show 2017 - Day 1 & 2

Great first day at the show. We gave all our price list away within the first 3 hours of the show. We have never been to a busier show and the Gangnam Style vibe was truly amazing.

Lots of young people attending bring in energy to the show. The Korean distributors / brands really focus on making a great event. There could be a 100kg Giesen Roasting here, a booth dedicated to high end coffee tasting, and a booth selling 5kg Green Beans with grandmas lining up to buy them.

The Cafe Show was special, and the vibe was great.

Apart from our colourful coffee cups and tea ware, we bring in 3 potters, which was loved in Budapest WLAC2017. The difference is you can get them here this time.

Seeing the world for the first time was the Specialty Coffee Serving Jug and Tasting Cups. The response was overwhelming and we are pleased that we are going to the brewing department.

Don't miss the main event, the World Barista Championship 2017. Coming back for another run were Kapo Chiu, our home town hero from Hong Kong. Ben Put, 4 time Canadian Champ and Hugh Kelly from Australia. They are now veterans and fans favourites to win it all.

Semi Finalists include:

1. Hugh Kelly - Austrailia
2. Andre Eiermann - Switzerland
3. Ben Put -Canada
4. Jun-Bae Bang - Korea
5. Kapo Chiu - Hongkong
6. Dale Harris - UK
7. Miki Suzuki - Japan
8. Francesco Masciullo - Italy
9. Kyle Ramage - USA 
10. Konstantinos Iatridis - Greece
11. Jason Loo - Malaysia 
12. Lavinia Toma - Romania
13. Yoshua Tau - Indonesia
14. Melody Lu - Taiwan
15. Jeremy Zhang - China
16. Martin Shabaya - Kenya

Expect a great semis tomorrow.

World Barista Championship Loveramics 2017

World Barista Championship Loveramics 2017

World Barista Championship Loveramics 2017


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