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Article: Loveramics Shanghai

Loveramics Shanghai

Our 3rd Store Finally opens!

Housed in a historical street in Shanghai, this is our third Loveramics store, and the first one in China. Yu Yuan Road is historical street of 160 years and recently renovated completely. Mixed with old neighbourhood, co work space, modern specialty cafes and startup boutiques, this is a dream street for Loveramics. 

We work with architect Zihan for the shop, here’s a little interview:

1. How would you describe the space your first time in here?

The first time I visited the site, the space was dark and deep, with some oddly positioned columns, part of the old structure, obstructing the whole room. However, this existing situation could be seen as a positive way to create a new warm space with a sense of enclosure and a path of explorative flow.

As a new jewel in Yuyuan Road, Loveramics store is aiming to be an open and inviting place to showcase beautiful contents to pedestrians and bring an enduring aesthetics to the old street.

2. How long have you been in Shanghai? How would you describe Yu Yuan Road?

I’ve been living in Shanghai for 5 years and I can say that Yuyuan Road is one of my favorite streets. It combines the historical heritage, neighborhood life atmosphere and trendy modern culture, every corner of Yuyuan Road we can notice an expression of Shanghai's old and new life aesthetics.

3. Talk about your design style? What influenced you the most?

With my architecture education in Finland and previous working experience in a Danish design studio, I personally got influenced by the design philosophy of minimalism. 

I’d like to see the outcome to be immersive and touching with the minimum of design expression.  Viewing things from an inside out perspective by feeling and experiencing, instead of just adding the spectacular, I try to create the simplicity that essentially expresses the humanization in a natural form. It is important to evoke a spatial sense of serenity, which is the essence of an eloquent form of expression, and I call it Essential Minimalism.

4. what special elements have you put into this store particularly?

When I started the design, my first intension was to bring beautiful contrasts to the space, where the high quality, exquisite craftsmanship and the gorgeous color palette of Loveramics could be highlighted:

Rough & Sleek - sleek finishes of ceramics sit on textured neutral background, forming a peaceful painting with timelessness;

Simple & Sophisticated: - simplicity is reflected in the cozy and minimal architectural space, exposing refined details as part of design.


The existing structural columns on site were used to design peak holes, tiny windows that expose and focus on different corners. They also helped to create the explorative flow, adding a rhythm as a colonnade with an infinite effect, endless space essentially created by opposing mirrors, engaging in an sensorial experience among space, ceramics and visitors.


In order to align with the philosophy of Loveramics, the space neutralizes stereotypes on classical and formal approaches, through stylish and contemporary designs where passion is evident in every corner. Displays are arranged according to different characters of Loveramics products with corresponding scenarios: The Café, The Dining, The Kitchen and The Market, which brings a spatial sense of narrative, as well as functionality of various displays.


Referring to mood and texture, by applying colors of natural materials as a neutral background, beautiful ceramics are highlighted to add a sense of playfulness and depth, creating a continues and growing wander.



If you want to know more about Loveramics, and its retail locations please follow us in social media. Support us by buying online as well!


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