Product: Bond Sugar and Creamer Set

Just in case you need it.

We don't drink our coffee with sugar and milk, but when we do, it has to be served in Bond Sugar and Creamer.

We do like to feel the real taste of our single origin. So why would we make a sugar and creamer set? Are they mad? Do they want to keep up with the specialty coffee peeps anymore?!

Think about this: You bring a friend to a nice coffee spot... You recommend their specialty drinks, and here comes your friend, or customer asked for sugar and milk, maybe he's having an English Breakfast, or they just like their coffee this way.... Its often the embarrassing moment in your coffee joint.

Thats why we design this. They take up very little space on a coffee table. It stacks up nicely so that they become a good presentation. They also hold enough sugar and creamer for the day so that you absolutely minimise waste.

We never drink with sugar and cream, but this solves the only embarrassing moment in a specialty coffee joint.

So buy it now. Available in 10 colours.



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