Video: How smart is Smart Carafe?

I use Smart Carafes everyday at work and at home. I usually put a 1 Litre one for the family to share with, and the shorter one next to my bed so that I won't dry out during the night.

Why is Smart Carafe smart? You don't need to open the lid, in fact you don't need a spout. You can pour in every direction with one hand with the mechanism. The Lid is sealed tightly, with a high grade stainless steel covering your drinks from dust.

The mechanism will enable water to out flow when poured, and the dripless design built in the lid will cut water like you have never seen before. No more single last drop of water, thanks to the special angle and material we have chosen.

The glass was made in high quality biro-silicate glass that is het resistance as well as freezer safe. Feel free to chuck them in a dishwasher, and they will come back fresh and clean.

Its a modern classic, green material you may recycle at the end of its lifecycle. Store your drinks and serve them as in one piece, guaranteed no smells from the fridge or cheap plastic materials which many store their drinks with.

Feel free to make crazy recipe like acidic cold brew, lemonade, or sweet drinks like honey water and cocktails. The glass will be untouched, thanks to its high forming temperature, and completely metal free material.

Go get yours now.


Simple Recipe of a Honey Rosemary Lemonade, 5 minute work.










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