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Travel: Accro Coffee

Accro Coffee is located in the suburbs of Hong Kong. Its probably the furthest specialty coffee from the city centre.

Every cafes is within 30 minute cab ride, Accro is kind of stand alone out there. However, its often packed from noon till midnight. First reason, it houses the 2013 World Siphonist Championship, second reason it also has the World Latte Are Championship finalist from 2017.

Tsuyoshi Mok is the owner, roaster, and if you are lucky enough, the siphonist of Accro Coffee. Tse Kwun Kit fresh off the Budapest Competition, is one of the finest barista and latte artist in Hong Kong.

However, the traveling is all worth it. There aren't many cafes in the world that specialises in siphon coffee, and Mok selects, roasts and brews its own coffee to an amazing taste that few can achieve.

The neighbourhood is also a special one that only Accro can pull off, featuring the Hong Kong old town with no hipster clothing stores or shopping malls nearby. This give you a special vibe to relax, almost like an oasis in the busy city.

People often drive specially to the coffee shop to try its limited lot coffees. The El Velo special Lot Geisha was amazing to date.




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