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Travel: Coco Espresso

Coco Espresso was founded by Johnson Ko in 2007. They opened their first shop in Sheung Wan, and since then they have 5 Coco Espressos around Hong Kong.


Johnson gets to learn about coffee in Australia 10 yerars ago, and he decided to share his passion moving back to Hong Kong. In Coco Espresso, every shop features an open bar. They encourage the baristas to communicate with the customers, so that they fully understand their need. They roast their own beans, to fully control its quality and experience they want to create. The passion and persistency gave them a special position in Hong Kong’s coffee scene.


Address: Flagship - Shop 402, 4/F, Shun Tak Centre, 162-200 Connaught Road C, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1900

Weekend and Public Holidays 0900-1900


We offers Coco Espresso the name, “King of Takeaway”. Each shop sells more than 400 cups on regular basis. As a commercial roaster you often sacrifice on quality, but that’s not what Coco wants. They insists on quality green beans, and quality consistency has to be the reason why you can often see its beans in reselling counters.


The espresso blend is seasonal, in a humid place like Hong Kong changing the recipe accordingly is sensible. In this fast pace city, you can find the same group of cosmopolitan customers in Coco Espresso. It always features a casual crowd with casual bites on one hand, coffee in another.


Coco Espresso is quite an innovative shop and is always willing to try. You can see its interesting self ordering system in the new Flagship. You can also find the very beautiful Trinity coffee maker, and you get to see them brew in OTFES automatic filter coffee machine. Every coffee comes with a small note card with tasting descriptions. Its cold brew comes in a Coco branded glass bottle, and is really cool to takeaway with.


As we could have guessed, Coco comes from Johnson’s family name (Ko). This casual, often happy man looks carefree, But we all know its his heart and charisma that wins the customers, and he is very willing to share his success with the coffee farms and shop staff.

We particularly love a line on one of his shops: “time is limited, but don’t limit yourself chasing dreams.”




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