Travel: Cafe 4M in Korea

You and I probably share the same reason of knowing Gangnam.
Apart from the song, it is a really relaxing and walkable district. We zigzagged through the district, and finally we arrive at this place. Cafe Four M, located in a 3 storey building, is enormous in Hong Kong standard. The black and white masculine frame, and see through coffee bar really caught our eye.

Address:525-14, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

On the first floor was the coffee bar, and seating area. They use the smart looking Kees Spirit. In front of cashier, you can find 4 types of coffee beans they serve daily. Interestingly, they use our Weave collection, which gives a totally different feeling to the drinks. 

On the 2nd floor was the baking zone. Its a hideaway from the busier street, and better if you want to work or talk business. You can see through the baking room, and see what the bakers are doing with the soon to be bakery. They use Flutter to server their delicious pastries. 

There is also a little known basement, which is the roast room. You can also sneak here with your drinks if you want. Behind the transparent glass frame, you can see the roasters working on the beans. Its still very bright underneath the basement, smell the burny roast and enjoy your fresh coffee. 



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