Travel: Bover Lounge Seoul

BOVER LOUNGE is located in Namsan, Seoul. Being an important location in South Korea, the natural scenary for the seasons here is amazing.


BOVER LOUNGE is on the 1st floor of State Tower. State Tower has everything you need, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and retail. Its definitely a modern 21st century retail space.


If anything, Bover Lounge is probably the best coffee shop suited for this moment. The chairs in the shop are from its own lifestyle brand, Bover Living. This mixed retail concept of F&B is exactly what the generation of today need.


Address:1F, 88, Hoehyeon-dong 20ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: 02-6020-5755


Bover Lounge has 7-meter long glass panels that extends all the way around you. They make the atmosphere very open, with lots of natural lights. Its probably one of the most beautiful interior we have seen in a while.


Having a coffee at the lounge, with very spacious seating, looking at the city scene out the window, that’s a heck of an environment to relax my busy travel schedule.


The coffee is definitely good. When you are a coffee geek, you must know what I mean. They also use a matching, sophisticated Teal Loveramics Cups.


Apart from coffee, they have great varieties of macaron, velvet cakes, scones and puddings. They are definitely popular and a great match with the coffee.


Because of this elegant, sophisticated environment, this has become a destination of corporate events, parties, and local hangouts. When there are millions of coffee shops in Seoul, Bover Lounge stands out as a beautiful one.


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