Products: Pro Tea additional, the oriental tea cup.

Pro Tea collection has generated lots of buzz in 2015. It has yet to be our most successful tea range. Its definitely the contemporary choice of a classic item, with updated functions.

The hang-in-the-air infuser let you use the teapot with a teabag, or loose leaf. Very often, the tea infusers in the market either got stuck with the lid, or the pot. They are often too hot to lift up when the tea is over-brew. I also find most teapots either work with the infuser, when you take it away, the lid won't fit anymore.

Simon Stevens then designed Pro Tea to tackle all those problems. Now I own a teapot that works with and without the infuser, that are of industrial quality, and beautiful enough to sit on my kitchen top when my friends visit.


New member to the Family

Newly added Oriental Tea Cup let you share the tea with your family. The cup holds 6 cups from large teapot, and 4 cups from the small teapot, forming a comprehensive range to suit different occasions.

This tea cup let you share with big family, and between sweet couples.






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NEW! Oriental Tea Cup 600ml Pro Teapot 900ml Pro Teapot