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Article: Event: We made it! Red Dot Award and iF Design Award 2016 winner!!!!

Event: We made it! Red Dot Award and iF Design Award 2016 winner!!!!

Mom, we made it!

So encouraging to know we have won iF Design Award at the start of the year, and then up the ante by knowing we have won Red Dot Design Award as well.

It was all a dream.  <---- you gotta listen to this if you are going to read this story.

Here are the proof we really won it!!!!!

See the entire collection here <------- 


Every year we would admire big brands winning the international design awards. It was just a dream, how we could win it with the tools, the concepts, the right presentation.

End up it was pretty hard....

Like the judging panel says, the combination of design, quality, concepts and presentation, with the right timing, opportunity and forward-thinking mentality, should be the reasons to win.

It took us a few years, but finally with Prep+, we have a range that we are really proud of. From development to winning these awards, it took us a few years. Now, of course you can buy and see them freely here. But a few years ago, it was hard to imagine something like this, the links between tabletop and stovetop, the in-betweens. 

With more and more open kitchens at both home and hip restaurants, we want you to have your kitchen tools out there, be proud, show it even its stinky with food. Its the fun and casual lifestyle that brings your kitchen closer to your table.

Now, take a look at some of the original concepts. (we probably will never make them, don't ask about it).

See the entire collection here <-------





#Loveramics and share your story.

GET THEM NOW!!!!! help us survive in this capitalistic world!!!

Large Mixing Bowls

freestand mechanism


Glass storage Jar

with Bamboo Lid


Bamboo Salt Grinder

with ceramics mechanism




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Event: The Loveramics after party

Event: The Loveramics after party

You know we hosted the Loveramics Party on World Latte Art Championship week in Shanghai. Check out what we have done, who got tipsy, and who poured the best latte art.

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Event: Chantecaille Opening Party

Event: Chantecaille Opening Party

Recently, our friends from Chantecaille moved in to Hysan Avenue, opening its flagship with a huge store front. We went to their opening party with lots of fun.

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