Event: The Loveramics after party

This was a crazy after party for the coffee event. After 2 days 16 hours of unlimited coffee, we switch to Shanghai City Centre, Jing’an area for the after party.

It was a co-host by Loveramics and Mellower Coffee. As home country hosts, we feel we have to show the competitors and coffee geeks around the world what our country party like.

30th March, 2016 was also the opening night of Mellower’s 2-storey new shop in Jing’an. Mellower is not just one of the powerhouse in Shanghai with 6 shops, they also produces the representative of 2016 China’s World Latte Art representative, Li Qi. Together with the Loveramics, hosting a party for the visitors makes lots of sense.

guest starts to sign up for the event.


We do believe it the hottest party in this coffee week. Competitors from allover the world, champions after champions, baristas, coffee geeks all gather in this charming new shop.

When you mention coffee party, during World Latte Art Championship, there has to be café latte. Champions from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Sweden took turn to be on stage and compete.


Of course, when Caleb Cha finally arrives, the long waited fans were screaming for opportunity to see him live. Of course Caleb did not disappoint, he poured cups after cups of classic patterns.

Then there was national champions vs day time baristas. The game went on and on and on went all the way to knockouts between countries and coffee shops!


The other side of the room offers a cupping competition. Baristas had to tell what kind of liquors are in the cupping bowls. Drunk Level: 12

Of course, there was loads of nice pastries and fruit to freshen up the intoxicated atmosphere. Sparkling cavas, wines and beers splashing everywhere.

Guests were not willing to leave midnight, including those who would compete the next day. Good luck! But I guess they know what they’re doing. Afterall having fun and networking were all highlights of the show.




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