People: Champions at Loveramics - World Latte Art Championship

If you have been following our social media, you must have realized the little changes we have at WLAC 2016.


We have created a little coffee bar at our stand. Thanks for Mellower Coffee’s support in equipment, beans and the freshest milk in town. We then have 2 custom Lamarzoccos on the stand. The colours went great with the official cups we make as well!


This tiny little bar brought us loads of unforgettable memory, fun, lectures of latte art, and of course, loads of coffee for everybody!


Now let's take a look who came to our stand and show the world what they've got.  

2015 World Latte Art Champion
Caleb Cha


Whenever Caleb is on the stand, there’s chaos. Caleb was very happy to share his journey of latte art. He likes to interact with the crowd, but suddenly he would join the crowd to watch the WLAC2016 next door. He’s just like a regular fan, who makes friends with latte art.

We are thrilled to have him demonstrating his winning patterns at Loveramics. The Zebras were amazing. Whats more amazing, he did it on a competition 300ml cup, then the exact pattern on a 150 flat white. That caused a bit of trouble at the stand.




2015 World Latte Art Championship Finalist
Liao Hong-Sheng

 Together with Caleb, Liao competed as a finalist in WLAC2015, and was award 5th runner up. He just told me actually we have met way back, and I drank his coffee a few years ago. Its good to finally meet again with coffee, and what he did for us was exceptional.



2016 Taiwan Latte Art Championship Runner-up
Ray Zhang

A very young latte artist. He told us he treasures technicality, but he cares about creativity and design of pattern.

His artwork features a roaring lion. You can see the judges lean more and more towards creative pattern, that’s probably the trend in the future.


2016 World Latte Art Championship
UM Paul

When Korean representative UM Paul came on to our stand, he still hasn’t known he’s one of the 6 finalists. We only knew his work from social media.

After seeing his performances on our stand, we were pretty sure he would be in the finals. The combination of complexity and creativity will definitely score high in competition. We were right, he eventually became the Champion of 2016.




2016 Australian Latte Art Championship, Runner-up

If you follow latte artists on Instagram, you must have followed Shin. He’s a social media celebrity with 22.3k followers

He often demonstrate crazy patterns that look effortless. Apart from Caleb Cha and Ben Morrow, Shin will probably be the next Aussie to make it next year. Let’s keep an eye on him.



2016 World Latte Art Championship – 3rd Runner-up
Dhan Tamang

Dhan is loved in our stand. You can feel his passion about latte art by just looking at him.

Dhan can takes the stage by himself, draw a line of crowd waiting to see him pour, and at the same time talk to the hundreds of audience who are looking at him.

He’s a show stopper, he is the stage by himself. He’s won UK’s title for 4 straight years, and he scored big this time, being the 3rd runner up for 2016.


Loveramics @ Hotelex


It was amazing to have met so many friends, new and old the past week. Coffee is really the thing that connects different people from different places.


Being a the official cups and partner of World Coffee Events, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet them in person, to get a really close up look on how they pour, and get to talk to them.


All the latte artists have things in common, they enjoy the moment, they are passionate, and they are very friendly.


I guess that’s why we love the coffee world as well.



#Loveramics and share your story.