People: Artsy Afternoon Tea

My friends asked me to go over for a casual cuppa. I brought over the newest collections of ours, the We Love Mugs 2 designed by Calvin Ho and Rex Koo. 

I have been fans of their works for a long time and they gave us very unique style. Rex Koo's collection is a collaboration with Kapok, featuring vector graphics of 4 essentials of life, music, fashion, movie and art.

Calvin Ho's style is more a futuristic, expressing his deep and thoughtful view on music. My artsy friends love the collection, and there must be one for each's creative personality.



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Shop these by Calvin and Rex, and our very original Weave Tea Pot.


Rex Koo - We Love Mugs
HK$99 each
Calvin Ho - We Love Mugs
HK$99 each
Weave 1L Teapot