Product: Pro Tea Launches

We have extended our professional Tea and Coffee family. Welcome the latest member, Pro Tea.

When we developed the teapot, the brief to Simon Stevens was simple, we need a teapot, that can work with and without the infusers.

All teapots in the market either have an infuser stuck to the lid or the pot, and its impossible to remove when the tea is over-brewed at boiling temperature! Or, once you remove them, the lid does not fit anymore.

Pro Tea has been our dream come true teapot. 1. Its spherical so its best for tea brewing. 2. it comes in nice contemporary colours. 3. It solve the problems with the infuser, the patented design floats the infuser between the lid and the pot, makes it possible to use with and without.

So here comes, the best tea ware for both loose leaf and teapots. Now enjoy and brew a cuppa...




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