Travel: WCE All Star Guangzhou, China.

As you can continue to find familiar faces in the show. Matt Perger from Melbourne, Australia made me a silky smooth flat white first thing in the morning. And we met Victor Delpierre, spirits Champ in 2013. Beautiful Hungarian Latte Artist, Edit Juhasz. Our old friend Caleb Cha, which was crowned 2015 World Latte Art Champion, and demonstrated some crazy latte art skills in front of the crowd.

Our familiar Jeremy Zhang was hosting the show. We watched Matt and Victor going head to head in a blind coffee pairing, picking an unfamiliar set of beans with their chosen syrup. Matt won with a vote. Whats important was not the results, but the crowd was really into it and enjoying themselves.

We get them to autograph our Loveramics tee shirt.


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