Event: 2021 Hong Kong Brewers Cup Championship

Have not see our beloved coffee community for almost two years, and the Hong Kong Brewers Cup Championship is finally back in 2021 at The QUBE, PMQ!


We are happy to be one of the sponsors of the competition. The awarded champion of 40 participants will represent Hong Kong to take part in WCE World Brewers Cup next year.



Congratulations to the 6 finalists! They are Jasper Yiu from Black Sugar Coffee, Jonathan Fan, Bosco Tai and Penny Pang from Cupping Room Coffee Roasters and Yeung Ki Yan from Mono Lab. Champion Ching Kwok from Roastwork will take part in WCE World Brewers Cup 2022. 


We had a great time with our fellow friends, hope to see you very very soon! We can't wait to see Ching on the stage again!