Event: World Barista Championship, Brew Bar Cups

World Barista Championship 2016 was held in Dublin, Ireland. We are proud to be chosen as the official Brew Bar Cups.

Co-sponsored by scientific water machine Marco, the premium brewing devices in the bar includes Hario, Chemex, Aeropress, Kalita, Clever and Acaia.

The brew bar was no short of premium beans from allover the world. Roasters from many countries chip in their best techniques and single origin beans from around the globe. They are brewed differently in the brew bar equipments, and finally served in the Loveramics Bond Cups. 

Although you are not given a coffee by the competitors, but you can always get your daily dosage here at the brew bar.

World Coffee Events classified the beans into different colours so that people could vote for the favourite coffee of the day.

Thanks for volunteers from around the world to make this event possible and meaningful.





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