Travel: Dublin's Love Supreme Coffee

For coffee traveller, first thing we do in Dublin was finding a nice coffee shop. By recommendation we came to Love Supreme Coffee, a cute little neighbourhood cafe with a great name.

Why Love Supreme coffee? First, the founder loves coffee (thats a given isn't it?). We agree because without coffee, there's no reason for us to wake up and go to work early with smile on the face.
Second, Supreme is a reminder that we only drink the premium specialty coffee. Its not just a regular commodity, we treat every cup we drink seriously. I am sure Love Supreme Coffee has high standard in its coffee. They use Loveramics Bond, and fits perfectly with the shop's interior.

Apart from coffee, they do offer nice chocolates, pastry, tarts, etc. They also do a series of health conscious, balanced food boxes.

Every city should offer its own neighbourhood coffee joint. It represents its food culture, the people there. Love Supreme Coffee is definitely one that we love.
Address:57 Manor St, Stoneybatter, Dublin
Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 10am-5pm


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